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August 1, 2011, 12:11 pm
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1996 BA (English & Philosophy) University of Stellenbosch.
1997 BA Honors (English) University of Stellenbosch.
1999 MA in Creative Writing University of Cape Town.


1998-1999 English tutor at the University of Stellenbosch

2002 – present Freelance writing for various international and South African magazines, including Foreign Policy, Mini International, Rapport, De Kat, Insig, Rooi Rose, Sarie, Bravo and Litnet.

2000 – present Programming and IT-related technical writing for various American and South African companies, including JP Morgan, Tibco, TowerTech, Media24, Discovery, Old Mutual and Momentum.

2007 – present Columns for Die Burger & By newspapers


1997 Poetry included in the anthology Nuwe Stemme (New Voices), Tafelberg Publishers.

1998 Erdvarkfontein. (Anteater Spring). Afrikaans novel. Tafelberg Publishers.
Set in a fictional Kalahari town, Erdvarkfontein tracks the lives of a group of misfits and never-do-wells that find themselves bewildered and disorientated in the changing landscape after Apartheid.

1999 Contributed to the interactive internet novel Die Rooi Roman (The Solifuge), later published by Human & Rousseau.

Poetry & short stories included in the anthologies Afrikaanse Poësie in ‘n Duisend en Enkele Gedigte (Afrikaans poetry in a thousand and one poems), Tafelberg Publishers, and Die mooiste liefde is verby (The most beautiful love is over), published by Tafelberg Publishers.

2000 Stinkafrikaners . (Smelly Afrikaners / Marigolds). Afrikaans novel. Tafelberg Publishers.
In Stinkafrikaners the love affair between a municipal dog catcher and a troubled young girl is set against a backdrop of gangland violence.

2001 Short stories included in the anthologies In the Rapids, Kwela Publishers and Briewe deur die Lug (Letters through the air), Tafelberg Publishers

2004 Film script, Spekboom All Stars, commissioned by the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

2005 Short story included in the anthology Van Spoke Gepraat (Speaking of ghosts), Tafelberg Publishers.

2006 Equatoria. Afrikaans novel. Tafelberg Publishers.
(English translation published by UK publisher Aflame Books).
Equatoria is set in the Belgian Congo in 1912 and describes a British zoologist’s quest to capture an okapi for the Antwerp zoo.

2007Polaroid. Afrikaans novella & short stories. Tafelberg Publishers.
Polaroid tells of drifters, salesmen and mechanics, ordinary people who refuse to remain ordinary.

2011 Short stories to be included in the anthology Donker Veld (Dark Field), Lapa Publishers.


1998 M-Net Bursary for Creative Writing.
2001 Stinkafrikaners awarded the Eugène Marais Prize for Literature by the South African Academy for Arts and Science.
2006 Equatoria shortlisted for the M-Net Literary Prize.


2007 Attended the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa.

Writer-in-residence at the Island Institute in Sitka, Alaska.

2008 Château de Lavigny International Writers’ Residence in Lavigny, Switzerland.

2009 International Writers And Translators Centre in Rhodes, Greece.

Ledig House Residency, Hudson, New York.


Oct. 2007 Lectures on South African Literature to graduate class at the University of Iowa.

Reading at Prairie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City.

Nov. 2007 Talk on African Literature at the Chicago Humanities Festival.

Dec. 2007 Reading at the Public Library in Sitka, Alaska.

Jan. 2008 Lecture on Afrikaans Literature to students of Lafayette College and UC Davis at the International School of the University of Stellenbosch.

Mar. 2008 Talk on language and philosophy at the Language Festival in Stellenbosch.

Jan. 2009 Lecture on Afrikaans Literature to US students at the International School of the University of Stellenbosch.

Nov. 2010 Reading at KGB Bar in New York city

Reading at Rochester Universtity, Rochester, NY.


Tom Dreyer – Official Author Site


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